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Project Description

Chris A. Chambers, CPP® founded Pivotal Control, LLC in June 2019.  Pivotal Control, LLC is a security consulting firm that specializes in Threat Assessments, Physical Security Design, Active Shooter Hostile Environment

Response (ASHER) Planning and Training, Maritime Security Compliance, Business Continuity Planning and Physical & Cyber Penetration Testing.  Chris has an extensive background in military, law enforcement, and


security that spans nearly two decades.

After 8 years of active duty service with the United States Coast Guard, Chris transitioned the Coast Guard Reserves and pursued a career in law enforcement.  Since 2013, Chris has worked in the utility industry where he has developed and implemented best practices for physical security and training.  Through Chris’s networks in the local business community, Chris identified an opportunity to provide security consulting services to small businesses that may not have a security department or security personnel.

“In today’s society of constant emerging threats, it’s imperative to have effective security policies and procedures in place no matter the business or size.”    Chris A. Chambers, CPP®


Facebook: @pivotalcontrol

Instagram: @pivotalcontrol