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EPISODE 31: The Educated Generation

In this episode Erin and Kelly continue the education conversation and discuss whether or not a higher ed degree ultimately means more

EPISODE 31: The Educated Generation2019-07-29T18:31:17+00:00

EPISODE 28: Bless it Bag with Bella Baskin

This episode will leave you feeling ready to change the world. Today, Erin and Kelly chat with a fellow millennial, Bella Baskin-

EPISODE 28: Bless it Bag with Bella Baskin2019-06-05T15:26:26+00:00

EPISODE 27: The Trending Generation

In this episode, Erin and Kelly talk about the three biggest trends that millennials are currently following. Whether you’re a millennial who

EPISODE 27: The Trending Generation2019-05-27T14:09:14+00:00

EPISODE 25: Social Selling

You asked, we answered! In this episode, Erin and Kelly give you some insight on social selling techniques and podcasting, as well

EPISODE 25: Social Selling2019-04-26T20:36:37+00:00

EPISODE 24: Authentic Career Climbing

In this episode, Erin and Kelly dive further into the concept of authenticity surrounding career success. If you’re struggling to be authentic

EPISODE 24: Authentic Career Climbing2019-04-26T20:31:27+00:00

EPISODE 22: Consistency is Key

In this episode, Erin and Kelly dive into the concept of personal development, what it looks like both personally and professionally and

EPISODE 22: Consistency is Key2019-04-26T20:16:05+00:00